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Detention and retention ponds

A detention pond: a pond that temporarily stores stormwater runoff that will eventually discharge into a drainage system.

A retention pond: stores the water until the water eventually evaporates.

Both kind of ponds are a form of storm water treatment. If your stormwater run off feeds into one of these two kinds of ponds, it is important to keep them in tip top working condition. The person responsible for making sure the pond is in passing condition is the property owner, however we all must do our part to make sure our stormwater quality stays clean and that these ponds stay protected. Not only do we depend on these kinds of ponds for maintenance in our water system and flood control, our local wildlife does as well.

Never forget that every stormwater basin will eventually lead into a water source that is depended on by wildlife.

Hydro excavation

Pond maintenance:

Here at Swat, we offer full services for pond maintenance to insure proper bmp.

From brush clearing, invasive weed control, sediment removal, erosion control, and making sure that your outfall is clear and in flowing order, we do it all.

Without proper maintenance your storm system will not work correctly, and this can cause flooding, erosion, fines, and poor water quality.

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