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Outstanding Storm Water Compliance

We have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Call us today at (253) 733-1354 for our affordable prices and FREE estimates!  We guarantee your satisfaction.
Catch Basin Cleaning
Street and Parking Lot Sweeping
Hydro Excavation

Catch Basin Cleaning


Hydro Excavation

Storm Water Compliance

We provide all the required services required under the SWPPP permits. Call us today for all your storm water compliance services.
Turn to the locally owned SWAT Services Inc for fast and affordable catch basin cleaning services! Call (253) 867-7928 to learn more!
We make sure to deliver only the best services without harming the environment. That’s the reason why we only use regenerated air sweepers. 
Hydro excavation is a safe method of digging that uses water! Give us a call today for this service. We always respond on the same day.

Trenching Seattle

We are tried and tested specialists with more than 30 years of experience managing all aspects of storm water compliance and Best Management Practices including safe and reliable trenching in Seattle.

  • Private developers,

  • Underground utility 

  • Site work

We employ highly trained and operator qualified trenching operators with years of experience, an impeccable safety record, a strong work ethic, and the skills and knowledge to carry out your trenching project with guaranteed satisfaction. 

Call SWAT Services today for a free estimate for trenching operations at affordable prices! 

Trench Seattle


As local professionals in trench construction operations, we have a wide range of equipment for a variety of large or small-scale projects involving trench excavation in Seattle.

Our trench excavation services are typically used to:

  • Bury service lines

  • Install pipelines

  • Install sewer systems

  • Lay foundations

  • Install fence footings

  • Dig pits for tanks

  • And a host of other needs

We have the capability of providing trench excavation that involves removal of topsoil, such as vegetation and types of decaying material; and, removal of soil below the topsoil for construction purposes such as drainage ditches, and laying foundations for building structures and bridges.

Our trench equipment varies depending on necessary width and depth required for a specific project such as a pipeline, or the use of heavy equipment for hard surface projects.

Call our office to request additional information.  All calls are answered by our highly trained technicians.

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Trenching Services Seattle


We have a range of equipment to cover a variety of trenching services in Seattle from small scale to large scale projects. 

Our company, with its highly trained technicians, has earned a time-honored reputation in the area for long-term relationships, attention to detail, an outstanding safety record, and superior trenching services such as, but not limited to: 

  • Commercial & residential electrical trenching services for lighting

  • Water line installations

  • Natural gas lines

  • All types of drains

  • Sewer lines to grade

  • Power lines

  • Conduit installation

  • Rural drainage

We have the capability of performing trenching services in rock, sand, limestone, hard surfaces and other types of material in preparation for fulfilling your project.  Our highly trained technicians can manage all types of projects requiring codes compliance, and Best Management Practices (or BMP).

You can also count on us for emergency services, calls actually answered by our technicians, affordable prices, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Call SWAT Services today where the focus is always on safety and excellent workmanship.  (253) 867-7928 

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